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What are superfoods ?
Though there is no legal or medical definition, superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals.Eating them may reduce the risk of chronic disease, and prolong life, and people who eat more of them are healthier and thinner than those who don’t. This app provides several foods that are considered super, what health benefits they offer, and how to fit them into your diet.

Why do you need this app ?
If you’re a diabetic patient, heart patient, pregnant woman or just wish to reduce your weight and searching for some aid in deciding a diet plan or which diet can improve your condition quickly and effectively, well your search ends.
This app provides you list of all food items that are must for below mentioned conditions :

1.Diabetes : If you have diabetes or increased blood sugar levels or your loved ones need some guidance and you’re confused on how can you quickly lower your sugar levels,please use our diabetes section and try introducing these superfoods in your diet.

2.Cholesterol : If you have high cholesterol or heart diseases or your loved ones need some guidance and you’re confused on how can you quickly lower your cholesterol,please use our cholesterol section and try introducing these superfoods in your diet.

3.Obesity [ Weight Loss ] : If you’re looking for some ways to get that belly in shape and don’t have time for exercise,introducing these superfoods in your diet can help you enormously to reduce weight and look better.

Diet during pregnancy decides how healthy your new born will be.
There are far reaching effects of diet in baby’s health based on what a mother eats during pregnancy.
So it becomes vital to take care of diet during those special 9 months.

This app provides you the list of items which are essential for the pregnant woman and the child.
Hope this app helps you achieve a great health and freedom from medicines !
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QTP – Interview Questions and Answers

QTP Interview Questions & Answers
A comprehensive list of interview questions & answers for QTP / UFT automation testing tool.
Interview questions and answers are written considering both the fresher’s and the experienced IT professional’s.

There are two sections in the application segregated based on the difficulty of questions :
1. Basic
2. Advanced

Each section has 50 questions.
Its recommended for fresher’s to first start with the basics section and then move to the advanced section.
If you’re proficient with QTP, you can directly start with Advanced section.
Hope this application helps you to achieve your goals !
Here are some screen shots from the application :
qtpscreen1   qtp